About us



RAIC with CR number of 1149675 has been registered in Oman (since 2012) to perform a role in optimum accomplishment industrial plans and improving the function level of the industrial and manufacturing institutes with concurrence to Supply of Equipment, Materials and Spare Parts and Trade of Oil & Petrochemical Products. RAIC provides advanced technologies, machinery and equipment of good quality from all well-known brands all around the world, as well suggesting economic solutions with respect to the present industrial conditions. Our work experience in the most of industries demonstrates presence of the world famous brands.
RAIC is playing an effective role in the correct supply of goods, equipment and services by applying qualified procurement engineering team as well as proper financial and commercial systems in a manner that satisfies the customers and prevents reworks and resources waste.
RAIC provides equipment, machinery and parts besides engineering services and the world most updated technologies by approximating international manufacturers and local consumers and promoting stability and competency of industrial institutes.
We are also consider reducing supply expenses and consequently the expenses of production, utilization and project accomplishment through the organization proficiency and agility.

Supply of Equipment and Materials

RAIC is committed to meet world-wide recognized standards (including API, ASTM, ASME, ANSI, ISA, IEEE, NEC, NFPA, BS, IET, etc.) in supplying equipment for Oil and Gas Industries.
The fundamental of business in RAIC company is based on growing to keep pace with the ever increasing demands of an international market environment.
We, RAIC team, are suppliers of mechanical (fixed, rotary and piping equipment), instrumentations and electrical equipment and other upstream and downstream devices.
We are keenly aware that quality and continuous improvement have become paramount concerns of our clients and the industries in which they operate.

Focusing on Team Partnering in RAIC

With escalating operating costs, and the necessity to remain competitive, many companies have been confronted with the reality of restructuring existing procurement department programs and the personnel who staff them. Here is when “Bottom Line Results” should equate into “Profitable Returns”.
Through “Team Partnering”, RAIC would carry out procurement responsibilities with the efficiency required to meet daily, as well as project deadline commitments considering: